K-Swapped EK4 Build… Introduction

13 Mar


I would have previously mentioned that I had some fresh new content for you guys in the upcoming weeks. Today I’ll be bringing you Leon Brome’s K-Swapped EK4 Civic SiR. Interestingly enough Leon never really wanted a Civic, he lusted after the legendary JDM DC2 Integra Type R, but he came up empty handed after doing a search. He then resorted to the circle light GSR version of the Integra but sadly none he came across would be up to his standards. Still bent on purchasing a performance based Honda, Leon grew a fondness for the EK chassis; but with EK9s being extremely rare of which the price tag reflected, Leon’s search continued. Good luck eventually came in the form of a 4 door EK4 Civic SiR, which is what you will be seeing today.

After a few months of owning the car, Leon was faced with numerous issues one after the other. After having to…

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