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A Mini Honda

26 Jun

B18 Mini

I first saw this Mini at a Japnortheast meet a few months ago and what got my attention was the Honda centre caps on the wheels. Then I noticed the heat wrapped exhaust manifold peeking through the grille and the rev counter. I caught up with the owner at this months American meet and found out more about the car.
It is fitted with a B18 (1.8) Vtec engine so is putting out around 180bhp which is more than enough in a Mini! The rear axle has been converted to take coilover suspension and it has been to the Nurburgring and was featured in Total Honda magazine. He says its great fun to surprise many “performance” car owners as they think it will just be a cooper. A true sleeper.

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Jason’s Accord

26 Jun


T.LA. Photography

Let me just start off by saying that I’ve never seen his car in person or even online until rolling out to Wekfest LA. It’s just one of those cars that you really won’t see anyone trying to spend money on. It’s nice to see something different once and a while, love how his car looks..

This was the rolling shot I took of his car on the way to Wekfest, his car sure is clean and I’m digging the wheels.

I like it just how it is, wonder what his future plans for the car would be?

SSR Hasemi Sport Mesh. It was funny when I saw his car from a distance, looked like his was rockin’ BBS LM’s, but it wasn’t when I walked up close to his car.

Definitely looks clean, right?

The one thing I love about his car is the license plate, Face Palm. Rockin…

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FF Battle 4 Coverage…Part 1: Dyno Day…

26 Jun

So much happening over the pond…

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It’s already been 4 days since I got home from my trip to Hawaii but today was probably the first day where I actually felt like I was “home”. Since the moment I returned from vacation, I have been on the road driving back and forth throughout Socal trying to get things done. I literally flew back from Hawaii late Thursday night to San Diego, drove back to Orange County, slept 4 hours, drove up to Temple City, then up to Van Nuys, back home again to Orange County, slept two hours, then rode up to Willow Springs Saturday for FF Battle, proceeded to dinner in West L.A., then back again to Van Nuys, back home to Orange County, woke up Sunday and went to Irvine, then back to the OC, and down to San Diego where I picked up DPK David and his wife late Sunday and got back…

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Kiel Priestman’s drag spec Civic EG.

26 Jun

Kiel Priestman’s drag spec Civic EG

Ascari 2-6-2012

11 Jun

Annual Trackday at Ascari thanks to . Great Attendance, excellent weather and incredible atmosphere!

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