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Honda Fest

24 Nov

Modifying and Other Stuff…

24 Nov

Modifying and Why

Blue Top

Pictured is my JDM (Japanese Domestic Market) engine called the H23A. This is one of Honda’s High Performance engines in the late 90’s to early 2000’s. It is also one of the popular engines used for upgrading for engine performance.

So, you want to modify, huh?  Why?  To increase performance?  To enhance it’s looks? To be different?  To fit in a certain crowd?  To gain some form of respect that you’ve never had before?  Why is a very good question to ask indeed.


Your reasons for changing the dynamics of a vehicle may differ from mine.  One thing’s for sure: Once you do, you (or your vehicle) will never be the same again.  From simple upgrades to more advanced modifications, there is always a purpose behind every “mod.”

My reason for modifying is simple: I love what I do.

I’ve been modifying cars since I first got a job…

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Guest contributor: Skorj on the 50th Anniversary of Honda Sports

24 Nov

Motoring Con Brio

MCB Japan correspondent and Honda S-car owner Skorj was on hand recently for the 50th Anniversary of Honda Sports— here is his report.

Starting with the 1963 Tokyo Motor Show S360 prototype, the subsequent release of the limited production S500, then the larger volume S600 and S800, the early Honda Sports cars were a clear manifestation of Soichiro Honda’s vision of fun merged with competition. A hard man known to hit his engineers, he was driven by spurts of engineering brilliance and a fierce desire to compete. His S-cars were a direct outcome, and Honda recently allocated a weekend to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Honda Sports with track laps, photographs, original engineering team members, period newsreels, and a remarkable range of food and drink for the two-day event.

The S-cars’ twin-cammed, roller-bearing, modular crank, solid rod, and quad-carbureted engines are a remarkable feat of specific output— about 100 bhp per…

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24 Nov

Exclusive Content: The Tactical Art EG6 Circuit Build Nears Completion…

24 Nov

The Chronicles© - No Equal Since 2008 |

It’s been a couple of months since we last checked in on Atuki’s (aka Atsuki) EG6 Civic build. Updates from Tactical Art have been slow with this build because they are a normal, operating business and have other projects to tend to. Just in the last six months, you’ve had a chance to see two other Tactical Art projects completed by Atuki and because he’s dedicated time to those vehicles, his own personal project has been on the back burner. Yasutaka’s Civic still needs to be completed after Atuki’s car is finally finished so I’ll try my best to keep you guys updated on the progress…


When we last left off, you saw Atuki rebuilding his transmission, creating the custom dashboard for the interior, and plumbing the fuel system for his circuit-spec EG6. You also got to see how his ITBs were going to be laid out before he finally…

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Hoang’s K20 Honda Civic Coupe

24 Nov


Back to regular broadcasting as we are nearing the end of the week. It’s been quite the busy week for me with more appointments for getting stuff done with the house and the wedding. For those of you that care in the least bit, I’m happy to say that Diana and I have finally sealed the deal on a venue for next year.  That was the most stressful part of the “wedding planning” stage so far because if we didn’t lock in a venue, the wedding wasn’t going to happen. After that, everything usually falls into place with some coordinating here and there. Next up are save the date cards and that should be it until it gets closer to the day.

As for our house – the footing and cement is done and we’re expecting the framing to be up by mid November. At the pace that they’re going…

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Exclusive Content: The Tactical Art EG6 Circuit Build Hits Central Circuit For Testing…

24 Nov

The Chronicles© - No Equal Since 2008 |

Today we’re going to move forward with the build coverage of Atuki’s EG6 build as it nears completion. The car was finally coming back together after being down for a majority of the year and once the guys from Tactical Art got the Civic running again, it was time to do some testing on a road course. For the most part, the motor has remained the same internally but the major addition after the rebuild was the individual throttle bodies. The Civic would need to be re-tuned so they wanted to get the car out on the track to make adjustments to the motor and management system with a laptop computer. Before all that happened however, Atuki still needed to wrap up some sections of his Civic build that required his attention. It was also necessary to make adjustments to the suspension. The vehicle needed to be re-aligned completely being…

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