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Fit collection Part Two

25 Mar

Fit collection

18 Mar

Driving Impressions: Honda Fit

25 Feb

finest hour motoring

Photo Credit: Richard

Before the haters start lining up at the door, allow me to defend the B-segment “hot hatch.”  I realize that this is FHM and that we write posts about born-to-raise-hell RWB Porsches, soaking wet track days and fire-eating BMW DTM racers, but let’s not forgot that there is a whole world of cheerful Japanese, Korean, American (read Fiesta), Italian and German hatchbacks that would love to go dresser shopping with you on the twistiest road you can find.  Moreover these hatches are often affordable, have decent suspension, interesting styling, and great fuel economy.  A couple months ago we reviewed the Hyundai Accent and liked it, so a review of the Fit was a great follow-up.

Let’s start with the obvious: the Fit has been around for a while.  Nothing that I’m writing is going to be ground breaking, so instead I’ll focus on what surprised me about the Fit.

First, it’s…

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HONDA FIT RS TURBO Gopro Hero3 ハイスピードテスト

4 Feb


Time:00:44More inAutos & Vehicles

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Tokyo: Spoon Type-One Honda Shop

30 Dec



Here’s one for the JDM enthusiasts. Especially if you are into Honda. Spoon Sports is one of the premier tuner companies (the other being Mugen) for Honda and their performance parts are highly sought after. Type-One is a Honda tuning shop opened by Spoon Sports founder, Ichishima Tatsuru and as such, the place is full of track toys that most Honda enthusiasts can only dream and drool about. Me being one of them ^^;. I’ve known about this shop for years but never imagined I would actually be able to visit this place in person…

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Project Fit : Hondata Flash Pro and bolt ons

18 Nov


This 2008 Honda Fit Sport has recently been equipped with the recently released Hondata Flash Pro, and we hit the dyno to try and get a baseline before further mods.

Current mods on vehicle :

AEM CAI Intake
DC sport 4-1 ceramic header
Skunk2 60mm cat back exhaust
Denso IK-22 plugs and 91 octane pump gas

Equipped with basic I/H/E and nothing too fancy, we visit Dynospot Racing once more to use their Dynojet 448x. With no changes to the factory tune, the Fit puts down 87 whp and a very decent curve but overly rich at 12.1:1 air fuel ratio. At redline the car approaches a 11.7:1 ratio….. lol rich much?

After the basic changes to speed limiter and rev limiter, we advance the VTEC engagement point 500 rpm, and make adjustments to the lo and hi fuel tables.

Leaning out the midrange and top end of the car helps…

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Project Fit – Hondata’s New Flashpro

14 Nov


Well, it’s been a long time waiting for our 2008 Project Fit Sport, and with dreams of turbo whooshes, we’ve finally received our Hondata FlashPro. Our FlashPro is part number FP-FIT-US-120001, (yep number one baby!) and after our supporting turbo mods, we are ready to install the FlashPro and start tuning!

Newest changes to the FlashPro as it pertains to our Honda Fit are :

  • Added support for the 2012 Civic Si, 2013 ILX, 2007-2008 Fit.
  • [Traction Control] Firmware 6
  • FlashPro firmware updated to version 47
  • [Civic Si / Type R] Added learned fuel trim under closed loop parameters

After flashing the unit, we are ready for install and setup of the most basic parameters. I will outline a few of the settings we’ll be adjusting. As this Fit is still a daily driver, we’ll be aiming to retain it’s factory emissions and gas mileage without disrupting how the…

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