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tra kyoto.

5 Nov

spot the ef


Would love to visit their shop if I ever get a chance.

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19 Feb

As I finish up the recap of my action-packed and unforgettable weekend in Osaka, I’d like to share some more scenes from Saturday night’s M&L Party. It’s already been a week since this meet, but I still can’t stop thinking about how much fun it was to stand in this harbor-side parking lot on a cold February night.

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4 Jan

I say it every year, but for me there is nothing more exciting on the Japanese event calendar than the Tsukuba Super Battle (TSB). For over two decades now this has been the place to come at to prove what your car, shop and driver are capable of. This is where tuning gets pushed to extremes, where function takes precedence over looks and pretty much everything else. So you can imagine how disappointed I was when I arrived at a very wet and cold Tsukuba circuit the morning of the event. The weather…

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28 Nov

I love the EK9 Civic Type R. It’s one of my absolute and all-time favourite hatchbacks. There was a time here in Ireland not so long ago when the country was filled with the sound of B16B. Unfortunately, with the recession and rising insurance premiums, the first generation Civic Type R appears to be slowly vanishing from our roads.

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Bring The Ruckus – The Honda Ruckus

14 Nov

Although very popular in USA this fully customizable bike is not known in Europe.

~ gAME oVER ~

This RAT ROD Custom Honda Ruckus 49cc started out as a weekend hobby and turned into what is now RUCKSTERS Customs. It features an rPRO paint job with custom flames on black, sporting the “original” gAME changing rPRO ONE-PIECE Frame, LINEX sprayed main frame & gas tank cover, custom chin bone, and Daytona 8-hole 12″ wheels with white walls. This Honda Ruckus is loaded with JDM parts, and a hard twist of rPRO flavors. gAME oVER received a ton of attention everywhere it went, and it had the ability to captivate people’s imagination without force. It is truly a timeless looking scooter. Overall build….turned out to be “legend” in some circles and is the foundation of our portfolio.

~ GY*SIK ~

Our very first rPRO GY6 Custom Swap Kit. We were very much in the R&D stage at this point, and was still figuring out a whole lot of things. But with some help among the local community and great efforts, we managed to get this FATTY rolling on the streets of LOS ANGELES. This copper beast features a truly one-off BTX Custom Exhaust with BTX header. Also includes rPRO One-Piece Seat frame, rPRO paint job, rPRO engine & shock mounts, Mr. Shorty Carbon Fiber Chin Bone, Stage6 Carburetor, ATR hubs and dual disc brakes. Not to mention the Ostrich upholstery is OOBER sexy. Overall build….not bad for our first GY6 conversion kit. Cleaner than a brand new penny.

~ Jungle Luv ~

This clean machine rocks an ATR GY6 Fatty-Kit with 10×7 rear wheel, JDM 10×2.75 solid dish front wheel and ATR hubs. Plus dual disc brakes for ultimate stopping power. Also includes ATR Carbon Fiber bling, custom rPRO “original” shortened seat frame, rPRO Mini Z-Bars, rPRO Foot Rest, rPRO custom front fender brackets and rPRO paint job. Plus, JDM Ruckus headlights and BTX Custom Drag Exhaust for an ultra loud ride. Overall build…..”Sexy & The Beast.”

~ M70.2S ~

This slick ass Met rocks a Yamaha Zuma 70cc 2-Stroke with rPRO Custom Engine Mount, rPRO Custom Halo Projector Angel Eye Headlight, rPRO Foot Rest and rPRO 2-Tone Matte Grey paint job. Not to mention JDM front suspension & disc brake system, custom fitted handle bars, rear shock mount, shaved front fenders, and shaved rear fenders. Custom front & rear hubs designed & fabricated by Jimmy of ATR. This 100% One-Off Metropolitan, known as War Machine M70.2S is featured in Kiri2Racing SP Gallery on the world wide web and is the only Metropolitan in this all exclusive Ruckus gallery so far. Overall build….super clean, 2T fast, and stealthy to the core.

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2 Nov

Our Street Cars & Sleepers month is coming to a close, but we still have some impressive cars coming your way. Take for example, Zico Tran’s K20A-powered Civic.

With the assistance of JDMyard, the idea behind this Civic was to create a balanced all-rounder; a car versatile enough to be used on the street as well as the occasional track foray. And although drag racing was never high on their agenda, a recent experiment at WSID saw this EK street car cover the quarter mile in the 12s.

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27 Oct

What happens when you combine a Corvette with an EK Honda Civic? The answer is the Civette. While Honda enthusiasts have a reputation for doing a variety of engine conversions, this Civic certainly has to be one of the craziest swaps we’ve seen. The firewall and floor were comprehensively modified to make room for not only an LS1 V8, but also its entire driveline. To top it off, the owner has added a Procharger supercharger. You can also check out its 10.69 @ 129mph pass Here.

– Charles Kha


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