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25 Jul

Throwback: Jackie Law’s Honda S2000 – *BONUS*

20 Jul


One last bonus part on Jackie’s car because I somehow scrolled passed these while going through his pics. I think this counts as a great bonus post – this was one of the first times I shot Jackie’s car ever. These pics were taken way back in August of 2009. I was still pretty new at shooting and I loved taking advantage of my wide angle lens – you’ll see what I mean in the pictures. I had only been shooting for about a year before and I knew nothing about rolling shots or how to adjust aperture, how to position a car and what angles looked good… Looking at these pics are kind of embarrassing to me only cause I hate looking at sucky pictures LOL.

Anyways – this was the day we went out to shoot near Bridgeland and Eau Claire Market then back to Speedtech. Like I…

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The Calm in the Storm // Dick’s S2000

27 Jun

In my time spent at local meets, the few track events I have attended, or just time enjoyed kicking it and wrenching on various projects with  friends. I have noticed there is one thing that separates some of us from the rest, commitment. Everywhere you go you can always tell the  one from the other. There are those who talk and those who get it done. Whether it be unique budget built rides, or expensive show cars only driven onto a trailer. There is no difference. There are always those who prefer to gab about their plans rather than actually getting it  done.

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Pinoy Power,

3 Apr


Spicy VTEC from the sweltering Philippines.


Full on J’s Racing all around with carbon ducts on the functional sideskirts, with a Mary Jane approved Spiderman theme on the wheelwells, Volk CE28N’s in mag blue finish..

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Feature: Brendan’s S2000.

25 Mar

The Right Wrong.

Text by : Ray Ng. Photos by : RandyF & Neo

Although this is the third S2000 to be featured on The Right Wrong, it is the first time I’m writing about a fellow editor’s ride. Forgive me for being self indulgent, but Brendan has featured two of my previous cars in different magazines, one a centrefold, and the other adorning the cover page. By penning this article, I wouldn’t say I’m returning a favour, I would say he, and his S2000, very much deserve it.

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25 Mar

Tsukamoto S2000

25 Mar

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