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Feature: Phase’s EK Hatch

20 Jul

The Right Wrong.

Text by : Neo, Photos by : Neo, Shane
Up until this very day, I believe that all Honda enthusiasts young and old will know this legendary model of Civic that Honda created back in 1996.

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Wrecka’s Turbo D Build…Introduction

10 Jan


Many of you readers would know that whenever a turbo Honda build is mentioned only one question comes to mind, is it a B or a K series motor? In this instance Ryan ‘Wrecka’ Carrington chose to go against the grain and went with a D Series motor. Some may wonder why he would do such a thing; we actually asked the same question and his response was “I like being the underdog”. The bond with the D series came about through making a daily commute to and from his shop (Area 5 Autoworks) in his turbo D series EJ coupe. After pushing the stock D series motor to its limits, the idea of owning an all out drag version was always lingering in the back of his mind.

Being close friends with Ryan we were hearing about the prospects of this project for a while so naturally, when things started…

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Tokyo: Spoon Type-One Honda Shop

30 Dec



Here’s one for the JDM enthusiasts. Especially if you are into Honda. Spoon Sports is one of the premier tuner companies (the other being Mugen) for Honda and their performance parts are highly sought after. Type-One is a Honda tuning shop opened by Spoon Sports founder, Ichishima Tatsuru and as such, the place is full of track toys that most Honda enthusiasts can only dream and drool about. Me being one of them ^^;. I’ve known about this shop for years but never imagined I would actually be able to visit this place in person…

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The Rywire ITR Build…Part 11…

17 Oct

Amazing Rebuild

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Part eleven of our ongoing coverage of the Rywire ITR build will be a relatively short one. It would be great to say that I have a huge update for you guys and the ITR is back at Rywire now being reassembled but there are still a couple of things here and there that needed to be attended to before we can get the car back from ASC. Our main purpose for going down there to San Diego today was not to check out all the major updates but merely to bring down some parts to the guys down there so that they can finish up what they need to on the chassis. Progress has been slowed down recently because Dana from ASC has been ill and also because ASC Speed Metal is a very busy fabrication spot with more than just Ryan as a customer. Ryan had given them…

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