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13 Mar

K-Swapped EK4 Build… Introduction

13 Mar


I would have previously mentioned that I had some fresh new content for you guys in the upcoming weeks. Today I’ll be bringing you Leon Brome’s K-Swapped EK4 Civic SiR. Interestingly enough Leon never really wanted a Civic, he lusted after the legendary JDM DC2 Integra Type R, but he came up empty handed after doing a search. He then resorted to the circle light GSR version of the Integra but sadly none he came across would be up to his standards. Still bent on purchasing a performance based Honda, Leon grew a fondness for the EK chassis; but with EK9s being extremely rare of which the price tag reflected, Leon’s search continued. Good luck eventually came in the form of a 4 door EK4 Civic SiR, which is what you will be seeing today.

After a few months of owning the car, Leon was faced with numerous issues one after the other. After having to…

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Impact Magic Visit 2016…

13 Mar

Below are some photos that I took during my visit to Impact Magic in January. Tsuneo Sonoda moved over to a new location and he wanted us to come by to check out his new shop space. Sonoda has been…

Source: Impact Magic Visit 2016…

Shopping Sense.

13 Mar

Feeling like having a Shopping Spree. SUPER AUTOBACS entices customers with the FEEL’s TWIN CAM FD2 Civic Type-r circuit beast with 18×9 AME Tracers and badass carbon headlight covers..

Source: Shopping Sense.

Wekfest Hawaii 2016 Coverage…Part 1 of 2…

13 Mar

Hawaii is forever an interesting place. I know people from the island who can’t wait to leave it and I know plenty more people who can’t wait to go. It is both paradise and not anything…

Source: Wekfest Hawaii 2016 Coverage…Part 1 of 2…

Kazu’s E-AT new “haircut”

28 Jan

Smurf Roadster: M&M Racing S2000

28 Jan


Chances are, you’ve probably had a glimpse of M&M Honda Racing’s new wide body kit for the S2000 which debuted recently. It’s definitely a love it or hate it thing, but its resemblance to the Rocket Bunny kits are uncanny. So, if you like overfenders and rivets, than most likely you’ll like this kit. Overall, I personally think that this kit fits the S2000 quite nicely as there aren’t any Rocket Bunny products available for this model and it’s definitely something different from the Amuse, the J’s Racing, the Tracy Sports, etc wide bodies.

Photos by Yoshitaka Kato via Flickr

 photo mm2_zpsf2295421.jpg

 photo mm1_zps466df210.jpg

 photo 16361056412_eedbc8607e_k_zps89f01082.jpg

 photo 16361055862_ec54fb7e9e_k_zps8c550bf5.jpg

 photo 15741987833_867f1f6c98_k_zps8c670ae8.jpg

 photo 16361953985_b2661b613c_k_zpsbd686af5.jpg

 photo 16174583520_d4d61404a0_k_zpsd7f0a233.jpg

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