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Exclusive Content: The Tactical Art Ferios Completed…

9 Jul

The Chronicles© - No Equal Since 2008 |

We’ve been getting a closer look at the two Civic Ferio builds from Tactical Art lately and as promised, today we are going to take a look at the finished products. You guys should be well-acquainted with the fab work involved in getting these cars to their finished states by now but if you haven’t, I’ve attached the links below for both car builds. There isn’t much else that needs to be said that hasn’t been stated already so make sure you catch-up with the links below to see the detailed work that went into these cars. They look relatively simple from an exterior aesthetic standpoint but there is actually a lot more than meets the eye. The build photos show the details and even if you aren’t a fan of the aggressive wheel fitment, I think we can all appreciate the work that was put into these two Civics…

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Exclusive Content: A Closer Look At Sasaki’s EK Ferio Build From Tactical Art…

1 Jul

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I was actually going to post this originally on Friday of last week but as I was finishing up the photos and preparing to upload them, the power in my home office completely shut-off. It was unceremoniously hot last week and anytime we get any measure of hot weather here, people just go crazy with the air conditioners and fans. Being that my complex isn’t the newest building out there, not only did the power shut off at my place, the whole complex shut down completely. Luckily I had already finished the photos and was merely attaching the watermarks to them so it wasn’t a total loss. I went outside to go look around to see if anyone else had lost power and sure enough, not only did the power go out in my complex but apparently there was a city-wide power outage. It was pure mayhem. The 7-11 next…

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Angel Built Performance (Old Shop)

9 Jan

Evojm27's Adventures!

I was looking threw my folders and came upon this.Awhile back I visited ABP’s shop when he relocated to Leesport,Pa and hangout for a bit and snapped a few pics.Since then he has shut down this shop and is in the process of relocating so keep on the lookout for him.


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Tokyo: Spoon Type-One Honda Shop

30 Dec



Here’s one for the JDM enthusiasts. Especially if you are into Honda. Spoon Sports is one of the premier tuner companies (the other being Mugen) for Honda and their performance parts are highly sought after. Type-One is a Honda tuning shop opened by Spoon Sports founder, Ichishima Tatsuru and as such, the place is full of track toys that most Honda enthusiasts can only dream and drool about. Me being one of them ^^;. I’ve known about this shop for years but never imagined I would actually be able to visit this place in person…

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Top 6 Japanese Tuners: #1 Power House Amuse

27 Dec


Power the House with Electricity

Well the final one is here Amuse was my final pick for the top six (according to me). Everything that this company represents, I find that it follows what needs to be molded into a car or the mechanics behind it. The styling, quality, and passion that is concentrated put in their work exceeds my expectations. This legendary tuning company of Japan started around the 1990’s with the brains of the late Hideki Tanabe behind it. Tanabe-sama brought a revolution in Japan on how cars should be tuned and the quality needed to obtain this vision. Its very tragic that he had to leave us at such a early age.



They have a wide variety of ECU products and high quality Titanium exhausts that look superb as well as Dry carbon hoods and body kits. I was very surprised that U.S. based company’s still don’t have much…

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AJPerformance Honda S2000 Build

21 Dec

Top 6 Japanese Tuners: #4 Spoon

8 Dec


Giving Honda Fans a place to go

Here we go, Spoon Motorsports  I swear all these tuner companys that I know and have grown to respect started out with Gran Turismo. In the case for spoon it was the  well known yellow and blue S2000, which has been further improved as the company’s R&D team keeps doing more work on it. Spoon along with Mugen (more of a honda in house brand) help bring multiple tuning upgrades for Honda owners. Whether it may be the CR-X,  Civic, or Accord these two tuning companies bring out the capability and potential of the VTEC engines. 

STsun-3044308998835_361e6b0528_oIchishima Tatsuru started the company in 1988, with a concept of bringing together cars with impeccable technology and power, but also being able to be driven during daily activities. The superb thing about this company are the products they offer for their customers. I can’t think of many company’s that offer engines that have been…

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