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Honda NSX-R GT

11 Aug


Spoon Sports has always been a favourite tuning company of mine. The religious vtec followings of the company that pushes their tuned cars to higher potentials and not only that, keeping driver comfort in mind, unlike the other 2 big aftermarket honda tuning companies. That is the speciality of the blue and yellow painted company.

I’ve always been watching videos on youtube of the Spoon Cars. Having the chance to sit in one of the FD2R race cars with the engine started just fuelled the love for the Spoon brand even further. Years ago i came across a video of Spoon entering in the 2009 Macau GP. And the NSX-R GT they entered looked brilliant.

That was until Spoon Boss Tatsuru Ichishima lost control of the V6 engined beast coming out of a corner, hitting a wall, sending the car into a continuous spiralled spin. But of course, being Spoon…

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Locale: Advance Technical Factory – 今晩は!

31 Mar



One night in Yokohama, my friend and I went out to dinner to a restaurant in LaLa Port; a giant shopping center near Kamoi station.  If you remember my last post about Advance, you’ll remember that the shop is located very close-by to where we were.  I don’t get to Japan as much as I used to, so when I’m there I like to stop in and say hi to the friends I’ve made at some of the shops.  So when we drove by and we saw that the lights were still on, we pulled over to chat a bit with Masahiro-san; and take a few pictures of course.


The shop’s infamous, Fuji-attacking NSX was parked in it’s usual spot in front of the vending machine; from which I purchased an Emerald Mountain Blend of course.




This time sporting a set of polished SP1’s…

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Three’s a Party..

31 Mar


Come and knock on my door..


Trio of VTEC with Taitec, Sorcery, Volk/RAYS and Advan goodies..

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Power of Dreams

9 Mar

One Shot: Team Kunimitsu RAYBRIG HSV-010

3 Feb

Although it’s a difficult choice, if I had to choose a favorite Super GT team/car, it would have to be the Team Kunimitsu Raybrig HSV.  The livery and colors match the demeanor of the car perfectly.  It’s also one of the best sounding cars on the grid.  Which team is your favorite?


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brutally NSX JGTC

3 Feb

Close-Up: NA1 – Sunset At Streets

25 Jan


Over the past weekend a couple of friends and I attended an open event at Streets.  Unfortunately, I wasn’t driving, but I still like to come along because you really never know what you’ll find at the track; case in point, the NSX you see here.





If you’re a CARBOY like myself, just seeing a stock NSX driving around the states is exciting enough.  Getting to see one on circuit is even better though.  NSX-spec Rega EVO Promada’s sit staggered on the four corners of the car, and are home to the Nitto NT-01’s that provide the grip needed to propel this car around Streets at a blindingly quick 1:23~.


The engine itself remains relatively stock, with a sump installed for added protection.  It just goes to show how advanced the NSX is as a purpose built circuit racer; with a good driver behind the wheel of course.

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