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Soichiro Honda: HONDA NSX

11 Aug


“The value of life can be measure by how many times your soul has been deeply stirred”

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My RSX Type-S

19 Oct

Project Zero’s Odyssey

17 Oct

Pimped out MPV

T.LA. Photography

Let me started off by saying that it was really hard trying to schedule a day to shoot his Odyssey since most of the Project Zero members live around 30 – 40 mins away and we all had work. But finally got a day planned and this is how it turned out.

I remember the first time seeing this van at a local Pann Auto meet awhile back, not sure how long ago but he was just lowered a bit on the same wheels, I think. But now he’s trying his best to lower it even more and pick up new wheels.

Henry (Owner) has a big list of plans for his van in the future.

Some of the Project Zero members chilling in the back.

Check Project Zero’s Fan Page –

It’s just nice to see a family van turn into this, I would definitely do this as I get…

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Kiel Priestman’s drag spec Civic EG.

26 Jun

Kiel Priestman’s drag spec Civic EG

Mark “Blanchi” Blanshard’s K20 Honda CRX

25 Apr


Javier Millan DC2 Photo Shoot

17 May

Some shots of DC2 in a parking and other shots up the Rock.

Excellent work by amateur Javier Millan.

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