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Feature: Phase’s EK Hatch

20 Jul

The Right Wrong.

Text by : Neo, Photos by : Neo, Shane
Up until this very day, I believe that all Honda enthusiasts young and old will know this legendary model of Civic that Honda created back in 1996.

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Furlan At His Finest

25 Mar

finest hour motoring

Friend of FHM, Miha Furlan has just completed a classic drawing of Ayrton Senna in his John Player Special, Lotus, Formula 1 car.  We love it!

Miha Furlan

The original is still for purchase here, catch our interview with Mr. Furlan, here.  

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brutally NSX JGTC

3 Feb

J’s Racing Tuned FD2-R – Muzahir’s Weekend Weapon

3 Feb



As we are celebrating our second year meetup today, I thought it will be fitting to release this feature at our meet.

The car above you see belongs to a good friend of ours, Muzahir. I remember him a few years ago when he used to own a Civic ES RS, fondly remember the part when He and a few mates of his came to pick up a set of Wheels from a friend of mine, and they all ended up carrying 2 wheels in the boot and 2 wheels on the laps of 3 of his mates in rear seat (Tight Fit) They complained of body aches the next day 🙂

Anyway, Muzahir has always been a Civic Nut, so from a RS to Type R is definitely a big feat.

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Aaron Badis | S2K | Modified Magazine | Car Feature | 2012

30 Dec


2007 Honda S2000 Grand Prix White Spoon certified #798
Owner: Aaron Badis

» Spoon front/rear bumpers, front fenders, rear over fenders, hood, hardtop, diffuser and gt wing
» Mracing carbon Type 4 convex Mirrors
» Agency power short antenna

» Rays Volk RE30 Diamond Black wheels 17 X 9 +35 front/ 17 X 9.5 +28 rear
» 255/40 Nitto NT05 tread all around
» Blue Rays extended lugs

» Tein Flex coilovers
» Spoon front zero bump steer kit
» Spoon front lower x-brace
» Spoon rear lower arm bar

» Tein Flex coilovers
» Spoon driverside kevlar bucket seat with Mugen seat rail.
» F1 Spec type 1 kevlar bucket passenger seat with Buddyclub seat rail.
» Takata 4 point harnesses
» Spoon/Momo steering wheel with steering boss.
» Spoon titanium shift knob
» Cusco 6 point cage powdercoated gunmetal metallic
» Innovate wideband gauge

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Tokyo: Spoon Type-One Honda Shop

30 Dec



Here’s one for the JDM enthusiasts. Especially if you are into Honda. Spoon Sports is one of the premier tuner companies (the other being Mugen) for Honda and their performance parts are highly sought after. Type-One is a Honda tuning shop opened by Spoon Sports founder, Ichishima Tatsuru and as such, the place is full of track toys that most Honda enthusiasts can only dream and drool about. Me being one of them ^^;. I’ve known about this shop for years but never imagined I would actually be able to visit this place in person…

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