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The Chronicles Top Ten Hondas of 2013…#1…

9 Jan

The Chronicles Top Ten Hondas of 2013…#1…


Modified Magazine “Street Car Shoot-Out” Coverage…

25 Mar

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***EDIT*** I’ve also attached a video of Ken Suen’s Civic in action at the bottom of the page…Make sure to check it out!

What’s up everyone. Today we’re gonna take a gander at some photos from Modified Magazine’s most recent “Street Car Shootout” event. I don’t I believe I’ve posted coverage of these events in the past but I decided to do so this time around because Loi from Sportcar Motion was nice enough to pass along these photos to me. He goes every year and participates in the festivities and he got a ton of coverage in the process. He sent me about 490 photos or so but I’ve gone through and picked out some of my favorite shots. I don’t really know any of the competitors other than Ken Suen and his red Mugen RR-converted Civic Si, so if you don’t see your car in here, it isn’t…

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Feature: Brendan’s S2000.

25 Mar

The Right Wrong.

Text by : Ray Ng. Photos by : RandyF & Neo

Although this is the third S2000 to be featured on The Right Wrong, it is the first time I’m writing about a fellow editor’s ride. Forgive me for being self indulgent, but Brendan has featured two of my previous cars in different magazines, one a centrefold, and the other adorning the cover page. By penning this article, I wouldn’t say I’m returning a favour, I would say he, and his S2000, very much deserve it.

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Breakin’ Necks !

18 Feb


So, I went cruising today after school and ended up giving my buddy Renzo a call to see if he was down to do a photo shoot on our Dirty cars…. Breakin’ Necks All Day Everyday! He swung by at the normal spot I shoot at and it was pretty damn cold and windy. I thought it was about to rain… After that drove to my buddy Dachar’s Casa down the street to take photos of his wheels that he wanted me to post up for sale. Now onto the photos…







Yes, I have a sticker that has I ❤ My honda. and YES its crossed out. & yes I Love my Girlfriend ❤ She’s the best. The couple days have been kind of hard, Since i’m so used to sleeping with her on Skype. But I couldn’t do that since she’s on her little Vacation. Which I’m eagerly waiting for her…

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Cee’s Honda S2000 – Favourites

31 Jan


Here’s quite the throwback – I don’t think I’ve looked at these pics in a long time…

This was the first shoot that we ever did for illmotion when it first started up. Simple and clean S2000 on some TE37’s, a T1R exhaust, OEM hardtop and a carbon lip – good to go. It never really takes much to make an S2000 look good, and even if the owner decides to go the extra mile to go with the race set up, it looks equally as good. It’s going to be one of those timeless cars that just never really goes out of style.

I’ve been trying to find some “IMissSummer” posts and I always get sidetracked with these other pics. I’m going to try and find pics of where we all just chill – I think it’s a little refreshing to see other than just cars all the time…

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Stayin’ Fresh // JDM Lou’s S2000

30 Jan

Feature | A Shade of Color in a Flat World | John Paul’s S2000

30 Jan

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