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J’s Racing Fit

10 Dec

In terms of performance, there are some cars we love for obvious reasons (NSX, Skyline GT-R, Lancer EVO), others we love for their hidden potential (EG/EK Civic, 240SX, Impreza), and those we simply get stuck with and make the best of. Sure, four doors, a hatch, and seats that fold down a gazillion different ways to allow the transport of an entire apartment-sized Ikea furnishing scheme are definite benefits for a lot of us.

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Vintage Version

22 Sep

The Honda bubble has long been burst, having seen its peak years ago and slowly deflated since. The scattered remnants of shoddily modified Civics float around alleys across the country with broken fiberglass body kits and fluorescent green windshield wipers, begging for a glance. The Honda craze was so all-encompassing that it’s actually hard to find an untouched Civic in the used car market today.

With the long lineage of Civics produced, there are endless candidates from which to choose. But because of their likely previous owners, modifying one may be as much a restoration project as a customization effort.

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