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Feature: Phase’s EK Hatch

20 Jul

The Right Wrong.

Text by : Neo, Photos by : Neo, Shane
Up until this very day, I believe that all Honda enthusiasts young and old will know this legendary model of Civic that Honda created back in 1996.

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Exclusive Content: The Latest Developments On Atuki’s EG6 Build From Tactical Art…

10 Jul

The Chronicles© - No Equal Since 2008 |

Of all the vehicle builds coming out of Tactical Art, the two most anticipated would have to be Atuki Tubouti and Yasutaka Shimomukai’s EG6 builds. They were the original in a trio (along with Taku Kusugami’s EK) that first introduced me to their shop and the Tactical Art name. When I first saw their cars, Atuki’s was definitely the most “hardcore” I guess you can say, when it came to being a dedicated circuit/track build. The aero was aggressive, it was raw as could be, and well, there was no indications that it was anything other than a track car. Yasutaka’s is also a track car, but still retains a lot of its street-able features and also has more of a traditional Osaka Kanjo appeal to it. Taku’s is rarely driven and sits at Tactical Art most of the time, but when it does get thrashed on, it too is…

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Exclusive Content: The Finish of Sasaki’s EK Ferio Build From Tactical Art…

9 Jul

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Just a quick update for you guys today, being that this is somewhat of a holiday weekend, I imagine not too many of you would be on the net and actually out and about doing stuff. If you are just chillin’ at home that’s okay too. There’s no harm is just relaxing at home. Either way, this update should help to hold you guys over until next week when I have a ton more updates for you guys to check out. The long-awaited updates on Atuki’s EG6 build from Tactical Art is coming and I’ll also give you some personal updates on my very own daily Honda build that I’ve been working on for the last couple of months. It’s nothing crazy but if you’re a car guy that likes the details in every build I think you’ll enjoy it…

Anyways, today we’re going to wrap up Tomoyuki Sasaki’s EK…

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Exclusive Content: The Tactical Art Ferios Completed…

9 Jul

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We’ve been getting a closer look at the two Civic Ferio builds from Tactical Art lately and as promised, today we are going to take a look at the finished products. You guys should be well-acquainted with the fab work involved in getting these cars to their finished states by now but if you haven’t, I’ve attached the links below for both car builds. There isn’t much else that needs to be said that hasn’t been stated already so make sure you catch-up with the links below to see the detailed work that went into these cars. They look relatively simple from an exterior aesthetic standpoint but there is actually a lot more than meets the eye. The build photos show the details and even if you aren’t a fan of the aggressive wheel fitment, I think we can all appreciate the work that was put into these two Civics…

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Throwback: Duncan Yu’s Honda Civic DX

9 Jul


Another car I forgot that I never posted up on here was Duncan’s boosted Civic. I admittedly don’t know much about the car except that it’s fast as shit.

His B18C1 (at the time) is putting down 472whp – I say at the time because I don’t know if that’s changed again. It has gone through a bunch of changes and the power has increased significantly every single time.

Regardless, this is a sleeper you don’t see everyday. At this day and age, we’ve moved far from the sleeper builds and more into the flashy, in-your-face builds that Duncan’s Civic is hard to pass up.


Oh you know, just a red Civic with a radiator. Not.


Simple wheel and tire set up.


A sample shot of the powerhouse.


Sticky rubber to put the power down.


Nothing fancy either. No Recaros, no Nardi needed, no wing or diffuser. Just straight up…

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Exclusive Content: A Closer Look At Sasaki’s EK Ferio Build From Tactical Art…

1 Jul

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I was actually going to post this originally on Friday of last week but as I was finishing up the photos and preparing to upload them, the power in my home office completely shut-off. It was unceremoniously hot last week and anytime we get any measure of hot weather here, people just go crazy with the air conditioners and fans. Being that my complex isn’t the newest building out there, not only did the power shut off at my place, the whole complex shut down completely. Luckily I had already finished the photos and was merely attaching the watermarks to them so it wasn’t a total loss. I went outside to go look around to see if anyone else had lost power and sure enough, not only did the power go out in my complex but apparently there was a city-wide power outage. It was pure mayhem. The 7-11 next…

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Exclusive Content: A Closer Look At Kawashima’s EG Ferio Build From Tactical Art…

27 Jun

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I was packing up some stickers and shirts for the Tactical Art guys this week when I remembered that I had some photos that Yasutaka from Tactical Art sent me awhile back. He always sends me a huge bundle of photos at once and it takes me some time to go through them all and edit them for the site. With so many events going on lately, I just hadn’t had the time to go through them and just plain forgot about them. Now that we have a couple weeks free of event coverage content, I can finally put these up on the site for you guys to see. If you follow The Chronicles, then you probably know about our good friends from Tactical Art based out of Osaka, Japan. I’ve come to know these guys well and after visiting them last January while on my trip to Japan for…

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