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Exclusive Content: The Finish of Sasaki’s EK Ferio Build From Tactical Art…

9 Jul

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Just a quick update for you guys today, being that this is somewhat of a holiday weekend, I imagine not too many of you would be on the net and actually out and about doing stuff. If you are just chillin’ at home that’s okay too. There’s no harm is just relaxing at home. Either way, this update should help to hold you guys over until next week when I have a ton more updates for you guys to check out. The long-awaited updates on Atuki’s EG6 build from Tactical Art is coming and I’ll also give you some personal updates on my very own daily Honda build that I’ve been working on for the last couple of months. It’s nothing crazy but if you’re a car guy that likes the details in every build I think you’ll enjoy it…

Anyways, today we’re going to wrap up Tomoyuki Sasaki’s EK…

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9 Jul

AWD Twin Engine Honda CRX

19 Oct

Build Threads

The Honda CRX Del Sol…2-door, targa top, good looks, VTEC “power” etc et. But there’s one thing wrong, they’re powered by the wrong wheels. White-Sol on the forums has rectified this by converting his CRX to TWIN-engine & all-wheel drive using 2x Honda H22 turbocharged powerplants.

Thanks to Dan for the heads up on this one.

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My RSX Type-S

19 Oct

CRX K20 Project

8 Oct

A First insight at what is to come…

CRX 1989 2,048 lb (929 kg)

CRX K20A2 Project

James Turbo H22a2 Swap Ek Civic

15 Apr

An Amazing Job by James!

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VtEk Vortech Install

14 Mar

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