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Ascari 1.6.2013

2 Jun

As Every Year , 103Octanos has offered the Ascari Race Track for the general public. And as every year KlanHonda made attendance!

Kaleta and Wancho both sharing experiences in their DC2 Type R’s.






Amongst all the attendees ,

* CaveMan – Toyota Mr2 Turbo
* Jake – Renault Clio
* Nigel – Skyline Gtr
* Rojas – Mazda RX7
* Bryan – Focus RS


Event : Club ITR meet

13 Mar

The Right Wrong.

Text & Photos by : Ben Wong

I first encountered ClubITR (Integra Type R) at World Time Attack 2012 in Sydney last year. I took the chance to do a feature of one Club ITR DC5 while I was there. This time however brought me to the Melbourne branch of the end of month meet of Club ITR. There were a handful of Integra Type Rs on hand, but it was overwhelmed by pretty much everything Honda, not just limiting themselves to that one model.


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ITR Track Day??

13 Mar

The Bible for Man

I need to actually make way to ITR Expo one of these years.
Don’t forget you can click the image to get full size resolution photo. Awesome wallpaper.


Wallpaper 4


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Power of Dreams

9 Mar

A Family Man’s Build – Tyler’s JDM inspired Integra

24 Jan

Jerald’s Amazing Honda RSX! *Slideshow*

2 Jan

Tokyo: Spoon Type-One Honda Shop

30 Dec



Here’s one for the JDM enthusiasts. Especially if you are into Honda. Spoon Sports is one of the premier tuner companies (the other being Mugen) for Honda and their performance parts are highly sought after. Type-One is a Honda tuning shop opened by Spoon Sports founder, Ichishima Tatsuru and as such, the place is full of track toys that most Honda enthusiasts can only dream and drool about. Me being one of them ^^;. I’ve known about this shop for years but never imagined I would actually be able to visit this place in person…

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