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2010 Honda Civic Type-R EURO – R Unlimited

16 Mar

The sun hasn’t even peeked above the horizon as I’m slicing through some of Japan’s most demanding mountain roads. Hakone is a popular tourist destination, but it isn’t the relaxing onsen baths or spectacular views of Mt. Fuji that I’m after today. I’m here to drive hard. My tool of choice for this early excursion is the recently released Mugen version of the Civic Type-R…Read More


Project DC2 Spring Cleaning

11 Mar

In an effort to further reduce weight and add a little security to the theft-prone Integra, an NRG Innovations Gen 3.0 quick release setup and Personal steering wheel would replace the heavier factory steering wheel. The wheel itself doesn’t weigh all that much, it’s the airbag that packs the pounds (approximately 5 lbs).

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Opera Performance Honda S2000

19 Apr

When you first popped in Gran Turismo 4, you may have noticed a little company on the “Tuner Garage” map that you didn’t quite recognize. If you were good and won the Polyphony Cup race in the “Extreme Hall,” you may even have acquired a curiously fast S2000 built by that same company.

And finally, if you were anywhere near as obsessed with the game as we are, you probably wondered just who Opera was, and how an S2000 with near stock horsepower was able to accelerate so quickly. Since much of GT4 is based in reality, we surmised that a real Opera Performance shop must exist. It does, and we tracked the small company down in Japan to let us probe the race-ready S2000 for ourselves.

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