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7 Jan

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Hopefully you guys enjoyed the first half of the 2014 Top Ten Hondas list. It only gets better from there as we count down to number one right now. Huge thanks to everyone here on the list for their efforts and the time invested in building these cars year after year. You are an inspiration and are much appreciated. It is your passion and devotion which drives others like you and the future generation of enthusiasts to come…

Now, I got a plane to catch so sit back, get ready to do some reading, and have at it…




“A Honda without borders…”

Like Hiro’s E-AT Civic, Motoki’s EK3 Civic sits high on the list because of its cultural significance. As crazy as it sounds, USDM-style has grown at such a rapid rate in the last few years that you’d imagine they would pass us at some point! Sure enough…

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