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Undeniable: Amrit Singh’s Flawless TSX

27 Jul

Sasa’s TSX – Favourites

23 Jan


My shoot Sasa’s TSX is now up on illmotion!

Peep the feature here:

For the short amount of time that I’ve known Sasa, all of his cars have been clean and simple. I think he’s a perfect example of executing a simple and clean build but has come to appreciate all types of builds himself. I think that’s something we need a little more of around here – more creativity and motivation to build cars with higher standards. I use the term “higher standards” loosely because I don’t mean you need to empty your wallet to do it. Enter Sasa’s TSX…

Sasa’s car is undoubtedly very well put together and well thought out, and you notice it seconds after looking at his car. There isn’t really a corner unturned and his TSX is flawless. The one thing that people get a lot of slack for is of course replica…

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