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Honda CRX on Stance Encore

6 Feb


Every now and then we come across some pictures of car that is just simple and clean. No fancy body kit, no custom wrap or a whole list of stickers on the car. We have Achmat’s 1991 Honda CRX that is just that, simple and clean. The car is lowered on Megan Racing coil-overs and sitting on 15×8 Stance Encore’s wrapped in Falken 195/45/15 tires.

Photos are shot by Bools Eye Photography


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Soichiro Honda: HONDA NSX

11 Aug


“The value of life can be measure by how many times your soul has been deeply stirred”

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Honda NSX-R GT

11 Aug


Spoon Sports has always been a favourite tuning company of mine. The religious vtec followings of the company that pushes their tuned cars to higher potentials and not only that, keeping driver comfort in mind, unlike the other 2 big aftermarket honda tuning companies. That is the speciality of the blue and yellow painted company.

I’ve always been watching videos on youtube of the Spoon Cars. Having the chance to sit in one of the FD2R race cars with the engine started just fuelled the love for the Spoon brand even further. Years ago i came across a video of Spoon entering in the 2009 Macau GP. And the NSX-R GT they entered looked brilliant.

That was until Spoon Boss Tatsuru Ichishima lost control of the V6 engined beast coming out of a corner, hitting a wall, sending the car into a continuous spiralled spin. But of course, being Spoon…

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Honda – Project Drive-In

11 Aug


Honda launches campaign to save America’s Drive-in Theatres

Honda is out to save a nearly extinct American pastime: the drive-in movie theater. Via agency RPA, the project hopes to save as many of the hundreds of drive-ins that are scheduled to close by the end of the year as possible. The problem is the end of 35-millimeter film distribution, so the project is supplying digital projectors to at least five drive ins — decided on by a public vote. The winning theaters will host a party that includes a screening of “Cloud With a Chance of Meatballs 2.”
The digital revolution’s impact on Hollywood means that drive-ins — 60 years ago a beloved pastime for American families — are destined for extinction. But one automaker, Honda, is doing its part to try and save a bit of history.
By the end of 2013, Hollywood is expected to halt 35 millimeter…

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Ramadhan Touge Session 2013

11 Aug

Touge-G Official|峠ジの公式

Ramadhan Touge Sessiion 2013

Hey Guys! We Back on the scene last August 3rd 2013 after a long hiatus we were silent from any activity almost a year. Here we are now in end of Ramadhan and last day for muslim to fast. An activity has been upped by TakaFuji in 31st of July 2013 for an RSVP for Ramadhan Touge Session 2013. Many friends have responded to the RSVP and we got great feedback on the event day.

Total of participation was 34 of various car models, from small kei-car, to hatchback and sedan. Meeting at Touge Bistro started on 11:00pm till 12.30am. After everyone was arrived and had some talk and tea, we went to our destination, touge starting point at Bridge Batu 12 Gombak near Alang Sedayu camp.

Video for Whole Session Except Downhill Part

Group A as fast cruiser lead by Mizta then follow by other. Wan also came bring…

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Sashimi n’Potatoes.

11 Aug


USDM Trends in Japan.



Love it or Hate It, its real, just like a ”ricers” here in the States on Rotas and heavy ass Steelies, sticker bombing and roof racks are considered having a  “cool” factor over at the Land of the rising Sun. Add a sweet platform not seen in the States, like this RB2 Odyssey for example, and you have one coolest Soccer Mom rides… Coppertone, Stickers all over, Thule roof rack, a million random air fresheners,  massive Volk TE37SL’s, “static” on coilovers completely fulfill the checklist of all things done here , copied there.

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Wekfest San Jose 2013 Coverage…Part 6…The Finale…

11 Aug

The Chronicles© - No Equal Since 2008 |


This is the end…. the end to yet another successful year for the Norcal stop on the Wekfest tour. Ironically enough, today’s post actually has nothing to do with the show itself. As you guys saw in Part 5, the show came to a close and everyone went their separate ways. I decided to stay an extra day just so I could relax and hang out with some of my friends from Norcal. It’s not too often that we get to see one another so it is important to make time to spend it with good people. May had already flown home early the next morning following the show since she had to attend the 2013 Crossfit Games so I was on my own mostly. DPK David and his wife Jackie were still around but they just had to pick up their car from 5Fifteen Auto Body before they could…

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