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Established in 2007 officially.

KlanHonda was originated in Gibraltar after many years of Honda love and no Unity.

The Aim of KlanHonda is to unite Honda fans together in the car culture world. Not ruling out other vehicles but this site is all about Honda except from the Associates .

Not everybody shares the Honda fever here in Gibraltar, but those who chose different paths still share the same enthusiasm towards car culture and motorsports.

This site was erected in early 2011 after the epic fail of the previous attempt. To make the most of this site, news and reviews about Honda from other sites will be posted here.

KlanHonda members are mostly performance orientated and many members enjoy the thrills of racing in time attack based track days.

KRT; Klan Racing Team is a group tag gained by the Klan from the Klan itself in order to differentiate the track orientated hardcore members. Although named “Klan Racing Team” it is not an actual Racing Team and do not compete in any official races.

Most trackdays attended by the Klan are organized by 103 Octanos ; partner site from Spain with a more broad concern being Racing in general but with the Jap love not forgotten.

Feel free to view the latest News, Reviews, Events, Photos and keep up to date with our Member’s progress.

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We would also like to hear any feedback, ideas or suggestions to improve our site.


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