A few thoughts about my civic…

9 Dec


The longer I own my civic the more id like to make it more of a resto mod/pro touring  style civic similar to muscle car guys but with a Honda .Upgrading to more superior functional,OEM equipment if possible. Some aftermarket bling wont hurt things tho.

So here is where I stand.

  •  0bd1 JDM B16A engine.
  • Rywire Budget Bseries Harness
  • 96-97 ITR wheels and caliper
  • CTR EK9 rear wing exact year unknown
  • ITR full size Radiator
  • Buddy Club Radiator Cap
  • Skunk2 wighted shift knob
  • Spoon Oil Filter
  • Spoon wide rear view mirror insert
  • Skunk2 Pro-S II Coilovers
  • B&M Short Shifter
  • Feels front strut bar
  • JDM P30 ECU
  • Integra Folding Mirrors
  • Tanabe Exhaust
  • Greddy Exhaust Manifold
  • AEM Fuel Rail
  • 96 spec ITR intake
  • Specter Air Filter (I have an HKS 200mm Air Filter just waiting for replacement filters)
  • Random JDM Ground Kit removed off 2JZ block
  • Rusel’s Stainless Steal Clutch Lines
  • Driver Side Integra seat…

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