Japanese Classic Car Show 2014 Coverage…Part 1…

2 Oct

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The Japanese Classic Car Show is an event that is always high on my list of shows to attend. It doesn’t change that much from year to year but when it comes to classic cars, there doesn’t really need to be change. Honestly, about 75% of the cars that you encounter at the show are the same as in year’s past, they’re just arranged differently. If you’re looking for all new cars every year, you’re going to the wrong event because it just doesn’t make sense to have all new classic Japanese vehicle builds at an event that promotes timelessness. JCCS is just more of an event where you get to enjoy these cars because they only come out maybe once or twice a year. The owners get to get together and catch-up with one another and the younger enthusiasts who are coming up in the community get to appreciate…

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