Exclusive: Vincent Ong’s S2000 – Vancouver’s Finest

15 Feb

Last Summer (Spring?) I flew up to Vancouver to visit friends, get some Buenos, eat at some strange Chinese/Canadian breakfast place (twice), and photograph Vincent’s beautiful Voltex equipped S2000 for Import Tuner.  Now that that issue is long off the stands (two months I think now…time sure does go by fast), I’m able to post up some of the unused pictures from the photo shoot.  If possible, I like to offer two different settings for the prints; it also gives me a better chance of showing the car in it’s natural environment, or what it’s used for mostly.  The issue printed all from the first location, which was a very pretty stretch of road that Vincent took me too whose name which I cannot recall at the moment.  That left a lot of the downtown Vancouver shots unused, and that’s mostly what you’ll see here…

I love Canada, I’ve made…

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