The Chronicles 2014 Japan Trip Coverage… Part 10: A New Adventure Begins In Osaka…

6 Feb

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Okay, so after the epic visit to Spoon Sports and Type One, we all got rested-up and though Der and I were both still very sick, we decided to move forward with our journey to Osaka. Going to Osaka isn’t like visiting Gunma or anything where we would just return to Tokyo afterwards; it is actually a couple hours away so we had to pack up our luggage and take the Shinkansen (bullet train) where we would stay in a hotel. We plan our trip out this way because Osaka is more of a hang-out for us while Tokyo is usually more business. Most of our friends are in Osaka so it just makes sense to pick up and relocate to that area for the rest of our trip. There we could hang out with the Tactical Art guys and pay a visit to our friend Kazuhiro Furakawa from Osaka…

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