Guest contributor: Skorj on the 50th Anniversary of Honda Sports

24 Nov

Motoring Con Brio

MCB Japan correspondent and Honda S-car owner Skorj was on hand recently for the 50th Anniversary of Honda Sports— here is his report.

Starting with the 1963 Tokyo Motor Show S360 prototype, the subsequent release of the limited production S500, then the larger volume S600 and S800, the early Honda Sports cars were a clear manifestation of Soichiro Honda’s vision of fun merged with competition. A hard man known to hit his engineers, he was driven by spurts of engineering brilliance and a fierce desire to compete. His S-cars were a direct outcome, and Honda recently allocated a weekend to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Honda Sports with track laps, photographs, original engineering team members, period newsreels, and a remarkable range of food and drink for the two-day event.

The S-cars’ twin-cammed, roller-bearing, modular crank, solid rod, and quad-carbureted engines are a remarkable feat of specific output— about 100 bhp per…

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