Akebono USDM Meet 2013 Coverage…Part 1…

24 Jun

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The “Akebono USDM” name has become quite popular over the past year or so. They started out as a small Japanese enthusiasts group much like many of you and had a devoted liking for all things USDM. Whether it was music, clothing, or their particular style of modding their Hondas, it was strictly inspired by the American Honda enthusiasts community. They are still a pretty small group but their signature windshield banners have started popping up here in America, where EF lovers from this side of the world have taken a liking to their style and are now representing them stateside. Much like the whole USDM scene in general in Japan, styles have come full circle. We were inspired first by them, and then they turned around and found inspiration from what we have done, but in the case of Akebono USDM, many Honda guys have found inspiration from the…

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