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29 Mar

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Might as well call this “Tactical Art Week” here on The Chronicles… On Monday I gave you guys a glimpse of some recent happenings over at their shop, Tuesday I officially unveiled the new Chronicles X Tactical Art collaborative decal available now on The Chronicles Storefront, and today, we’re gonna continue with more photos from our friends in Osaka, Japan. Th other day we got to see Atuki Tubouti doing work on his own EG6 Civic project but today we are going to get a glimpse at some work he did just a couple of weeks ago on Tomoyuki Sasaki’s 4-door EK Civic. Sasaki’s Civic is new to me, as I’ve only seen it a number of times previously in photos, but it’s interesting to see what they are going to do with it now with a full cage. Hopefully there will be some motor work to go along…

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