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25 Mar

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***EDIT*** I’ve also attached a video of Ken Suen’s Civic in action at the bottom of the page…Make sure to check it out!

What’s up everyone. Today we’re gonna take a gander at some photos from Modified Magazine’s most recent “Street Car Shootout” event. I don’t I believe I’ve posted coverage of these events in the past but I decided to do so this time around because Loi from Sportcar Motion was nice enough to pass along these photos to me. He goes every year and participates in the festivities and he got a ton of coverage in the process. He sent me about 490 photos or so but I’ve gone through and picked out some of my favorite shots. I don’t really know any of the competitors other than Ken Suen and his red Mugen RR-converted Civic Si, so if you don’t see your car in here, it isn’t…

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