The Chronicles 2013 Japan Trip…Part 12 of 12: We Visit J’s Racing and Meet Some Kanjozokus…

13 Feb

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Alas we have finally arrived at the conclusion of our twelve-part Japan Trip journey. I genuinely hope that you guys have enjoyed the photos as much as I had taking them. This trip is definitely one for the memory books and I’m happy that I had the opportunity to visit Japan as well as spend time with some great friends overseas. I can’t wait to go back there and see what else that country has to offer. The tuning community is great out there but just the whole culture and environment in general was just an amazing experience. We were only out there for a week but it seemed like so much longer because we were able to squeeze so much into such a compact amount of time…

I’d like to take this moment now to thank everyone that was involved in our adventures. From the moment I arrived in…

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