The Chronicles 2013 Japan Trip…Part 3: More TAS 2013 Day 1 Coverage…

25 Jan

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What’s up everyone. Welcome back to coverage of The Chronicles 2013 visit to Japan. Hopefully you guys have been enjoying the coverage so far because there is much more to come. Like I said yesterday, I know I went to Japan with the sole purpose of attending the Tokyo Auto Salon event but the best parts of my trip actually came AFTER the show. I think you guys will really enjoy the behind-the-scenes stuff as well as all the random stuff I did in Japan. For those of you who haven’t gone, you’ll finally get a glimpse at what a trip to Japan is like and for those who have, it’ll probably be a good reminder of just how fun it really is…


Today we’re going to take a look at the close of my first day at TAS 2013. I only went two out of the three days so…

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