Prelude VTI 2.2

16 Jan

LIFEstyle INC.

Prelude VTI 2.2

A few day’s ago one of our guys had nothing to do so he called
a friend with a stock but good looking Prelude and took his camera with him.
They found an awesome spot to make some photo’s for the first time in 2K13!
We hope that all of you like the result!

2Look at those big eyes.. they look right trough you! The owner is still searching for some OEM headlight though.

1I really do love the back of a Prelude.. Those taillight are so good looking!

8This place is one of the coolest places where you can take pictures from cars! It’s a nice place to skate right under the highway.

97That A$$… We love it!

6The color of this car is awesome and the paint is still in really good condition!

45The stock VTI wheels are still very goodlooking when the car is slammed…

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