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Jerald’s Amazing Honda RSX! *Slideshow*

2 Jan

Honda Sticks A Retainer On The S2000, Hopes No One Will Notice It’s Dead

2 Jan

Colins Cars Page

Jalopnik are slamming this concept from Honda, it looks pretty good to me…

Honda Sticks A Retainer On The S2000, Hopes No One Will Notice It’s Dead


What do you do when you’re a car company who has completely given up on your glorious sporting past, but you still want to look like you make something exciting — and you need to make a few bucks selling aftermarket products?

It’s simple. You trot out a car that’s been dead for three years after you’ve stuck a horrendous new nose on it. And that’s exactly what Honda has just done at the Tokyo Auto Salon.

Remember the S2000, the riotous rear-wheel-drive sportscar that used to be made by the people who now sell the Accord Crosstour? Well, it’s back as the unfortunately-named S2000 Modulo Climax, all gussied up with a new silver, LED-filled retainer across its front bumper.

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Sekedar Berbagi: Gambar Robot Sepeda Motor Honda Indonesia

2 Jan

Nothing to do with cars but when i came across these pictures thought they would be worth re blogging even if it is in another language and when translated makes no sense.

KPHMPH : no speed limit!

Sudah lama tidak membuka FB, ketika membukanya menemukan gambar robot motor Honda dari FP Astra Motor dan sebetulnya sih sudah lama ada nih gambar. langsung saja cekidot.


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Boosted Sex Fiend

2 Jan


The Honda/Acura NSX has always been a favorite of mine, and this black beauty is a perfect example of a nice, and cleanly modded one. The host of NSX-R pieces along with the Advan RZs makes this a particularly fine looking car, and to top it all off, it’s boosted on a Turbonetics GTK 450 turbo!

via NSX Prime








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