EF Shuttle Meeting Japan 2012 Coverage…

27 Dec

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One of my Japanese contacts, Shota Mori, recently sent me some of these photos from the 2012 EF Shuttle Meeting. Shuttles, if you don’t know, are the Civic Wagons of Japan. While they are not nearly as popular as the EF hatchback and sedan chassis worldwide, they do have quite a bit of a following among Honda enthusiasts. The Wagon/Shuttle chassis has always had this “cool” factor about it because it not only holds true to the late 80s-early 90s styling of Hondas, they also weren’t very common, especially among the enthusiasts crowd who were looking to build a Honda. Now whenever you see one, you’re certain to take a second look at them. Some are built very well and some, well, are low budget time killers until kids make enough money to build something else. There are a couple very notable ones in the U.S. like Matt Lines’ Civic…

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