Integra X Eldorado Park

15 Dec


Its been quite some time since I’ve last posted something due to having writers block as well as my mind being elsewhere for the past month but I’m back again and will be posting regularly.

About a month ago, I went to Eldorado Park in Brampton, Ontario and did a photo shoot of my Acura Integra before winter arrived. Although, my car has suffered damages during the time I have owned it due to some very unfortunate events, I wanted to capture its image before I buy a new car next year. As the day progressed, some people arrived and one of the cars was an Infiniti G35. Almost immediately, my eyes were dragged to this car and thus, proceeded to capture some shots of this beauty and here are the results. More photo’s can be seen on my Flickr here:

Integra X Eldorado Park-10

Integra X Eldorado Park-5

Integra X Eldorado Park-3

Integra X Eldorado Park-4

Integra X Eldorado Park-7

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