Identifying 1st and 2nd Generation B16A Engines

12 Dec

Import Insider

The legendary B16A is the first engine to use the VTEC mechanism. Appearing in the JDM DA6/DA8 Honda Integra RSi/XSi in mid 1989, the 1st generation B16As produced 160ps at 7600rpm with a max torque of 15.5kgm at 7000rpm and a redline of 8000rpm. This engine was later ‘migrated’ into the EF9 Civic and EF8 CRX SiRs.

In 1991, the JDM DA6/DA8 Integra RSi/XSi again became the first models to receive the revised 2nd generation B16As. Getting a slightly higher 10.4 CR with different pistons and slightly wilder high cam profiles, the 2nd generation B16A produces 170ps at 7800rpm with a max torque of 16.0kgm at 7300rpm and a redline of 8200rpm. Again this engine later migrated to the EG6/EG9 Civic and EG2 CRX DelSol SiRs. It continues to be used on the EK4 Civic SiRs in Japan and selected Asian markets.

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