Sweetlake! A sweet place to be.

12 Dec

LIFEstyle INC.

Sweetlake! A sweet place to be.

This story goes way back to when I still had my first ride!  The car I bought was a CRX VTEC which i picked up in Rijswijk a place near The Hague, the car was full with goodies but I didn’t had enough money to buy the car with all the goodies. The guy who sold the car to me, found another CRX owner who swapped all the parts with stock parts on my CRX so i could afford the car.

By accident I found out that the owner of the CRX was a friend of some friends i knew of me and the hookup was made, this guy got me into the streetracing world in The Netherlands and also thought me a lot about the CRX model.

By than i already found out that the modified car scene in Zoetermeer, Den Haag, Rotterdam…

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