Back Biotches!!

5 Dec

OMG Pancakes

I have no realexcuse for my prolonged (prolooooonged) absence these past few months.  After I returned from my summer in the woods, I just kept putting things off and things just kept coming up (I have a very rigorous masturbation schedule to attend to).  So it just continued to be pushed aside.

I received many emails and messages asking if OMGP was gone or if I had some crazy irritable bowel syndrome that kept me from updating.  Alas, I am here and I am here to stay, well for the foreseeable future (or until that IBS thing becomes real).  I am here for you!  Brown Bear <3’s you.

So, to re-kick things off, how about this gorgeous jaw-dropper from DOHCresearch.


My panties are moist.  Yes, they, are.


The fit and finish looks impeccable on this yellow sex machine.


Mmmmm, Dat Ass.

Pics: DOHCresearch

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