Adam’s EK – Favourites

5 Dec


Adam’s EK is now up on illmotion. This was one of the later shoots we did in the summer and I was wanting to shoot his car for a long time.
I had really only seen Adam’s Civic a total of maybe 5 times before the shoot. He’s usually too cool to hang out with us so the only time I see it is when I drive by Volkswagen and at Driven. It’s cool though cause Adam likes to play hipster and do everything that the main kids aren’t doing. We go out for a meet, he stays home. We stay home, he goes to an imaginary meet. We all get fries, he gets onion rings. Modern day hipster.

The CCW’s were originally off of Punit’s Integra after he got them powdercoated teal. They looked great on both cars surprisingly with such a vibrant color. Adam’s EK is one of…

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