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SEMA 2012 Coverage…Part 5…

22 Nov

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Happy early Thanksgiving to everyone. I figure now would be a good time to extend the greeting since you’ll be midway through the day by the time you get to Part 6 of the continuing SEMA coverage tomorrow…There are still a couple parts left but I don’t believe it’ll be an eight part series. I have some photos left to go over but there aren’t too many left. Today will be much like the previous four parts, with a lot of different cars and some random “spotlights” here and there where I’ve highlighted certain builds with more detailed images. With that said, there isn’t much more to discuss about the show itself. The photos and captions below should help to tell a good story of what I saw on days 2 and 3 of SEMA 2012, enjoy…

Links to previous parts for those who missed out…

SEMA 2012 Coverage…Part 1…

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Mishimoto at SEMA 2012

22 Nov

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