Carey Bales’ 2004 Honda S2000 – JDM Honda engineering meets USDM drag racing engineering = 8.916 @ 159.40 mph = FTW

31 Oct

GhettoRacer & His Bizarre and Twisted Reality

Updated 1/31/2012 5:46 am – This car is sick.  Awesome execution.


As some of you may have followed,…onda+S2000+AEM , in late 2009, the car ran 9’s in daily driver trim. This was done on the same tires I drove the car around on the street, pump gas, and an AEM Water/Meth injection system. We were shocked with the performance that we got out of this setup! Towards the end of the season we started running into some issues with the rear end breaking. So in the off-season we elected to upgrade it. We decided to go with a “bolt in” 4-link style rear end so that the car could still fit into several street classes and because we didn’t want to cut the car up or back half it. This car is still a 100% stock chassis car and all the suspension utilized on the car bolts…

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