Race Day 2 Coverage…Part 2 of 2…

25 Oct

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What’s up everyone. Happy Monday. It’s officially Year.IV week! Just a couple days away until the 4th anniversary Chronicles meet takes place. Hope to see all of you out there…

Anyways, I apologize because this was supposed to go up on Friday but with work and getting ready for the meet, and also having to leave last weekend to a wedding in Norcal, I just didn’t have enough time to squeeze out this update. Today, we’re going to get through the rest of it though and see what else Race Day 2 had to offer. As I said in part 1, it was more of a meet for locals and just a reason to get out and hang out for a couple of hours with other car enthusiasts. The weather was unexpectedly hot but it didn’t really have a dramatic effect on the event overall. Below are the remaining photos…

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