“Kday!!” Season 2 Japan Coverage…Part 3 of 3…From Alternate Perspectives…

18 Oct

Theres no 2 without 3…

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Shota Mori did an amazing job of capturing the “Kday!!” Season 2 event as you saw in parts 1 and 2 of our coverage but today, for part 3 of 3, we’re going to close-out the series with some photos from two other enthusiasts. Originally, I had saved some of Koji Karimata’s photos because there were some cars that I wanted to show you guys that Mori-san didn’t capture. It turns out that on one of my random nights of searching for photos, I also saved some pics that were shot by Mr. Masaru MSR Tanaka. I don’t know what happened but I somehow managed to mix the two photos together so I just decided to put them up as a set for you guys today. It’s always good to have photos from various people because it’s nearly impossible to capture every single car at an event and especially since…

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