Wekfest Los Angeles Prep…

3 Jun

Damn, it’s hard to believe that Wekfest LA is already happening this weekend. With so much going on lately, I almost lost track of everything that was going on. From Eibach to Tony’s meet and now Wekfest LA, things have been pretty crazy around here. I decided not to do a booth this time around at Wekfest though because I honestly have just been kind of burned out by having to prepare everything event after event. It would be much easier if my vinyl cutter was working correctly but it had some issues and just basically threw everything off course. It’s fixed now though but I just figured I’d take a break from doing a booth and selling merchandise so that I could just sit back and enjoy an event for once without having to worry about stuff. Not having to slave away on stickers every night has also presented me with more free time to spend with the homies, especially since so many of them are out here in Socal for Wekfest. Yesterday I headed down to the Rywire facility so that I could work on my car and hung out there for a bit to hang out with DPK David, Ryan, and a couple of the ATS Garage guys…

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